#FridayPoets : Naked Soul - Trish Poetess


Your pure soul puzzles my mind,
How you show me love,
The forbidden love
The fairy tale love,
I don't know if you'll love me,
I love you i don't like you,
Your love is beautiful like the Taj Mahal,
An art that only the heart can design,
The purity you have,
The purity of your love,
Gives me the strength to love,
When you're away my soul,
The mornings are grey,
My soul feels malnourished,
My heart crumbles down with pain,
My mornings are gloomy
My nights are darker,
Let's intertwine our souls,
Be one and never let go,
Lets blind this green snakes with love,
The Genesis of this beautiful Amazon,
Is the revelation of true fairy tale,
Blindfolded I'd still find my way to you,
Even on the noose I'd still breathe to see you smile,
My dear I'd take a life for you,
Run back and forth through fire for you,
My heart is defenseless with no gaurd,
Like I think of you,
The breath i take feels and smells like you,
I dream of you,
I admire your face in the mirror,
Just a thought of you brings out the sunshine,
My dear one,
I don't need superpowers to be perfect,
All I need is love,
And I'll give you my NAKED SOUL!


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