#PoeticThursday : Street Wails - Josie Joes


The pain of a human stare
Gives me a scare
Probably because am in rugs
With a skinny yet so scary body
Or is it because my last shower happened three weeks ago
That stare that makes me coil
And stick to my lane
Like a loner or a monster of some kind
Such are times I regret coming to life.

But was it entirely my fault
That my jobless mum couldn't save me
When my drunk dad defiled me
And took away my innocent self
Or is it my fault
That my defenceless mum gets beaten up
And each night she cries from the insults
A whore she's called
Yet she can't leave
Whether its love,mystery or desperation I can't tell
Or is it my fault
That watching my dad
Reminded me of that dark night
That triggered my run from home
And landed me to the streets

But at my lowest
When darkness shone brighter
With no one to wipe my tears away
No one to light up my life
The streets embraced me
Gave my dejected soul solace
With siblings I never had
Dogs and monkeys for eat mates
For food we scrambled
Yet lived as true brothers.

Now that I've nothing to lose
I'll stand firm
And write for those like me
Young dejected souls
Raped,abandoned and pushed to the streets
Souls which deserve better
With more love and acceptance.

With hope the sun will rise someday
Each tunnel will be bright
Each bent straight
Mum rescued from dad
Our young lives stitched back
The wails from my ink will be heard
And someone somewhere
Will stretch his helping hand
And get us out of the streets walls
To mark the end of our street wails
That kind of hope
Is the only thing my pen bleeds...

Penned by Makokha Josephine.

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