#PoeticThursday : Time Bad - Unscathed Thought

I was late, you griped.
Yes,late to take you places,
Late to brake the lasted cold ice
Late to forever bound together,
Late to wink and blink at you,
Late to blab on each other's ear,
Late to like your posts and tweets,
Late to come along with you
Late to wait for the camera's flash
Late to drown deep in your saccharine saliva
Late to slew my supple neck,
And stare at your inestimable beauty.

'Cause to the leave's deceptions,
I listened and trusted.
From frying pan into the fire,I lasted.
So like the"matatu's sambaza"
Once more I'm squeezing for my seat.
Inside your hospitable heart.
'Cause there I want to repose,
And together see our tomorrow.
Now tell me...
Shall I not be time bad?

Unscathed Thought.

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