#RIPMamaOliech : 3 things Dennis Oliech did to her mother before her death

Celebrated football star Dennis Oliech walked with his ailing mother throughout her battle with cancer and was supportive untile her death on Friday afternoon.

Five years ago, mama Oliech was diagnosed with cancer. Denis Oliech who was playing football in Paris at the time sought treatment for her and transferred her to Paris for specialized treatment which took close to a year and left her in a better state.

Addressing the media in 2017, Mama Oliech disclosed that “When I was battling cancer, he played a big role in making sure I got well. He found a doctor in France who treated me from 2013 to 2016…He spent huge amounts of money. Now I am well, I just attend physiotherapy”.

Other than having a famous son, mama Oliech was also an accomplished entrepreneur with her finger-licking meals served at Mama Oliech Restaurant.

Oliech played an integral part in this success by providing the much needed funds for expansion.

Mark Zuckerberg and other dignitaries enjoying lunch at Mama Oliech's restuarant

Mama Oliech admitted to the media that “he (Oliech) supported me to open a second branch of Mama Oliech and a pub at Dagoretti Centre.”

When it came to family projects that helped his mother and siblings attain a better life, Oliech was at the front-line and helped whenever he could.

His success in football came with improved living standards for her mother who relocated to the leafy suburbs of Lavington where she lived until her death.
Esther Passaris (right) with Mama Oliech(center)
Rest In Peace

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