#ThursdayTips : Dear Future Wife - Poet Malel

Dear my future wife
if love is two to three
I will give you the first two
and if your names has got two letters of my name
probably I ought more to say
Whenever I say I miss you
I got the feelings that am already doing
I got voice that am already speaking
because the ring we veiled each has got its sings
And vows that we swore
Has got its pledges,

those moments has got our pleasure
and our future need to mold to be.
Can our hearts be talk off a time?
Can our breath become cold and warm sometimes?
Can our memories obscure what our soul’s tragedies of?
I know roses will never say it
but I know the morning dew will ever glitter it
I know your heart will never speak it
but I know the tone of your voice will ever speak of it

You are my morning Sandiness
the future and the love that I hope
the laughter of my own
and the pleasure that I measure

I wish that the sky will always turn blue for us
I wish that the sky always bear a Nazarene for us
I wish that the moon do always light to our might
I wish that…………………..
I could love your forever
I recall of this moments
veiled in your promises
marked by your vows
and nailed down your blood stream
so that I can never go
The morning hued from dawns
and the dusk’s bucks to evenings
I am not no more

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