Tanzania's Lady Jaydee features in new 'Manawe' colaboration with Dj Pius

> After the successful launch of his maiden album, ‘Iwacu Rwanda’ last month, DJ-cum-singer Pius Rickie Rukabuza has unveiled his latest single, ‘Manawe’ (Oh My God!).

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The launch event was held at Wankanda Villa, in Kabeza, Thursday evening.

The love ballad song features renowned Tanzanian songstress, Judith Wambura Mbibo, known professionally as Lady Jaydee. It’s in Kinywanda, Swahili and English.

Speaking to journalists, DJ Pius said that the song is part of his strategy to penetrate into Tanzania’s music industry, like he did in Uganda.

“My aim is to continue penetrating the music industry across the region. So after Uganda, I’m now aiming to top charts in other countries like Kenya and Tanzania and this explains why I did this collaborations with Jaydee,” he said.     

The ‘Wabulilawa’ singer added that ‘Manawe’ was recorded over six months ago, but it could not be released due to other engagements.

“I have been with this song for over six months, releasing it hasn’t been possible since the video shoot had to be halted momentarily as  I was doing some work with Trace TV,” he added.

The audio was recorded by Yzo Pro, while the video was partially shot in Kigali by Meddy Saleh.

At the event, the singer also took an opportunity to unveil his rebranded 1K Entertainment label he started in 2007 with DJ Focus. The label currently has 14 deejays, and one artiste under its management.

In addition to managing artistes, the label will also do consultancy for entertainment related business, organise events, and music promotion, among things.

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