Otile Brown deletes video featuring Aslay out of YouTube because of this

Days after declaring that he sometimes misses his ex-lover Vera Sidika, Otile Brown has released a new song.

The Mombasa-born R&B singer has been one of the most consistent music acts in the country, churning out hit after hit in a short timespan, especially after his relationship with the social media personality.

His latest project is titled ‘Nikupe Nini’ and it comes just two weeks after ‘Niacheni’, which he released after his break up.

The mellow singer is assisted by Tanzanian hitmaker Aslay, who has previously worked with Kenya’s Bahati in ‘Bora Nife’.

The video has since been deleted off Youtube after it had gannered close to 30,000+ views within hours of upload.

We wait on seeing it back on his channel even though a few individuals already downloaded it before being deleted and uploaded it on their various channels.

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