"She is not my girlfriend!", Kisumu businessman Ahmed Zach denies singer Nahna

A few months ago social media was all about Kisumu diva and singer; Nahna and her reportedly found boyfriend who even went ahead to buy her a new car on her birthday.

But if everything is to go by, trending on social media is and has always been the easiest way to buid and break a brand that has taken years to craft. Anyway who does not like seeing their name trend for good reasons like being the new car owner in town?!

Ahmed wrote:
I'm sharing these screen shots because I am getting a lot of questions regarding the "relationship" between Elizabeth Nahna and I. There wasn't any, it was purely business.
I got into a contract with Nahna's sponsors and management and we worked together for the period of time as per the clauses.
Package was 100K to feature in her video, do a few pics for video hype, act like her guy till video drops...and do two posts on my social...
It was a great experience working with her, and the entire team.

Ahmed Zach has this afternoon thwarted rumors and reports of him dating with the singer and said it was strictly a business affair whereof the singer paid him cash amounting to one hundred thousand Kenyan shillings in two installments of fifty thousand shillings each.

Below are screenshots of their conversation that proves to us that the two are neither a couple nor own a car as a birthday present.
It is now clear that one of these two is definitely going to remain single and has a vacancy open for a qualified candidate lol

Watch Nahna's video 'Teri Mos' in which she paid an amount of 100,000 shillings to Ahmed Zach to feature in and this evidently proves how nice and sweet music pays in Kenya.

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