Staki Kua MP! Octopizzo Clears the airwaves about fans’ speculations on his political ambitions

Popular rapper and activist on Friday cleared the airwaves on the rumoured political ambitions.

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His fans had started speculations that the Kibera born rapper was planning to vie for Kibera parliamentary seat in the next 2022 electioneering period.

They had speculated that Octopizzo was planning to run for Kibera parliamentary seat.

This follows his humanitarian work, recent studies, activism and cryptic posts on leadership.

In response to a fan who asked him what he planned to do if elected, however, the Oliel rapper stated that he had no intentions of becoming a lawmaker.

“I don’t want to become an MP. Not all Leaders are politicians and all politicians aren’t Leaders,” Octopizzo posed.
“Artists should be the mouth piece or mirror of their communities & should always be aware of their social challenges, & am using my platforms to address & bring to attention the challenges,” he explained.

In recent years, the rapper has been among the most vocal celebrity voices advocating for social justice in Kenya.

He has spoken out against police brutality, corruption and extra-judicial killings among other matters.

Right after the disputed August 8 elections last year, he was in Kibra as youth and police came face to face with each other.

His live performances feature interludes where he advises youth not to be misled by politicians but to take cash offered to them as it is their money anyway.

The lyrics of some of his biggest hits also include references to pertinent social issues including electoral mismanagement and political violence.

He also worked extensively with bodies including the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) with whom he delivered the ‘Refugeenius’ project.

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