Kisumu based fast rising singer, Asen B set to release new song ‘Kumbuka’

Talking about Kisumu music entertainment and showbiz this year has been the most interesting part of my career as a writer, well story for another day!

He first appeared in the 2016 hit ‘Kila Mtu Ako Juu Kivyake‘ collaboration by various artists including Kisumu’s most sought after award winning rapper; Gabiro Mtu Necessary, Shamir (formerly of Grandpa Records), singer Nahna and American based rapper Mac-K

It was shortly after this Asen B started to feature in some of the biggest jams from the lakeside like Beat Dem Bad and a bunch of other amazing musical creations.

 The mellowed voice singer and rapper has since been on the rise very steadily and in an amazing way considering his previous releases like Nikimuona and Killer featuring Blaise Rhymes.

It is yet another good time of the year for all his fans to expect another soothing melody from him as he is already getting you to anticipate for it on his social media.

Kumbuka is set to be released anytime from now and it is a masterpiece that will surely get you to end your year in style if what is being portrayed in the snippet above is anything to go by.

The song has been recorded by his long time producer and confidante,Jamal Malique and video directed by the award winning video director Crizo Mzeyah.

Let’s all follow his social media @asenb254 as we wait for it.

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