Teachers strike to begin on opening day of new term

Learning in the first term of 2019 could be affected after the Kenya National Union of Teachers called for a countrywide teachers strike starting on the opening day of the new term.

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion in a statement has blamed the Ministry of Labour for failing to address the issues affecting teachers which include delocalisation of teachers, promotions and performance contracting systems among others.

“The strike action commences exactly on the opening date of the new term. No teacher should report for a new school term until the strike is formally called off by the Secretary General through a vote of the National Executive Committee as provided for in our constitution,” he stated.

Sossion further directed teachers to stay away from classes until all the issues they have listed are resolved to the full satisfaction of teachers and when the strike will be formally called off.

On Saturday, a conciliation committee from the Ministry of Labor and Social protection met with the KNUT steering committee seeking to avert the teachers’ strike ,but the meeting wasn’t successful.

Following a closed door meeting, Sossion said similar efforts by Labor Ministry failed due to the lack of good will by the Teachers’ Service Commission.

He stated that as long as the Commission stuck to its plan not to promote teachers and continues with transfers, there will be no conciliation.

The Union also gave its oral submissions and issued preconditions for any dialogue to take place.

Teachers’ Service Commission has already announced transfers of over 3000 head teachers who are expected to report in new work stations come January next year despite protests from KNUT.

The most affected are headteachers of Primary and Secondary schools who have served in one station for more than 9 years and had been directed to hand over by last week Friday.

President Kenyatta has in the recent past asked for a review of the delocalisation policy so as to ensure families are not broken as a result of the transfers.
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