Donado secures his seat in the game with new release 'Love Me' ft Aglae Aletta

When we talk about RNB, we can’t fail to mention this new breed of talent. He has our heads spinning with the dark seductive yet soothing sound that puts you in owe.

Love me is a collaborative powerhouse that has been carefully put together with two powerful vocalists and meets the standards of your favorite RNB singers.

He is yet to define himself as an RNB artist but has set a foundation and a pase for other upcoming and already existing RNB singers.

Defined as the perfect duet, the two singers show us how seductive it can get. The crisp vocal layout delivered by Donado as he plays around with his vocal ability shows us how diverse he is as an artist compared to his previous release.

A fresh voice in the Kenyan scene, Aglae Aletta brings it down with the mixture of English and Burundian language. She cements her verse with  beautiful vocal arrangements and we’ll thought out runs. Together taking us to a journey that leaves us in a voccum of love making. Talk about definition of sex.

Love Me is a love song, a love song that you should have on repeat on your playlist.

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