Ekuru Aukot tells politicians to stay away from 2022 politics

 Former Presidential Candidate Ekuru Aukot has called on politicians to avoid engaging in 2022 succession politics.

The Third Way Alliance Party leader described as dishonest an ongoing national cohesion and reconciliation initiative by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Leader Raila Odinga saying it is designed to lock out some political leaders.

“Our politics has for a long time been dominated by a select group of known political individuals. They are now regrouping to form a political union, whose sole intent is to give one of them Kenya’s top leadership,” Aukot said.

“The shameless move is driven by nothing but usual personal greed and not what they call inclusivity.”

Aukot faulted a section of politicians  saying they are  hiding under the umbrella of the national unity to perpetuate tribal politics.

“It is laughable that known politicians who constantly hide behind their respective tribes, and whose main and only claim to leadership is to drive dangerous tribal politics can today pretend to lead any national cohesion and reconciliation initiatives,” he said.

He further  termed  the current calls for constitution change as an attempt to accommodate the interests of a selected political class.

“If we are serious about making 2019 the year of prosperity for every Kenyan, we Must begin by rejecting dishonest politics that is being played out by a few individuals in the pretext of inclusivity. Let us also reject  any attempt to amend the constitution to accommodate the self-appointed tribal lords,” Aukot added.

The 2022 succession politics have already started playing out  with some politicians from the ruling party now claiming that they do not owe Deputy President William Ruto any debt or support come next general elections.

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