Former 411 Society vocalist Chris Lax rebrands to Jon Larry, releases 'Malele'

We all know Kisumu's rap group, 411 Society for their hit singles Mayie and Jiario that did well both online and on local media by receiving enormous love and support from their loyals.

Among the talented dudes is Chris Lax who was and still is a vocalist in the band but has since rebranded to Jon Larry due to personal reasons and this abrupt reform has been followed by the release of yet another controversial yet interesting jam from the lakeside city of Kisumu.

Malele is a Kenyan slang for lesbians, and as many might think of it as a sensitive topic he (Jon Larry) finds it more interesting to talk about such issues publicly and in a loud state since it is what it really is.

The video expresses a sensual overarching theme of sexuality,i bet the guys have been moved by the sultry and the obscene dance moves.It is being inspired by common Jamaican blockbusters that we've liked in the recent past.


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