Ghana’s Anthony Akablay to celebrate three decades in music

The veteran and versatile musician Anthony Akablay will celebrate his 30th year in the music industry in March

The revered Ghanaian will perform at the famous +233 Jazz Bar & Grill in Accra on March 2. Other acts to perform in celebration of his anniversary include his countryman Gyedu Blay Ambolley, South Africa’s Sonti Ndebele and Nigeria’s Orlando Julius.

He will also play at the World Highlife Day launch at Ghana’s Trade Fair Centre.

“It’s been 30 years of contributing our bit to the music business in this country. There have been ups and downs but we are happy to be still around and playing,” he said.

Akablay took guitar lessons from Koo Nimo, King Onyia and Paa Joe, who was a member of Jewel Ackah’s band Butterfly Six. He became a member of the band following Paa Joe’s departure in 1989. He later joined the acclaimed Western Diamonds but left in 2002.

Akablay’s celebrated career received a boost when he was named Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ Best Instrumentalist in 2009. Five years later, he won Best Guitar Player at the 2014 Best Instrumentalists of Africa Festival in Cotonou.

“I have definitely paid my dues as a musician and look forward to more fruitful years,” Akablay said.

On 5 March, Akablay will perform at the Republic Bar in Osu, Ghana. The festivities close on 10 March with a performance at the Busua Beach in Western Region.

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