Goethe-Institut is accepting applications for a workshop on live sound in Kigali

Goethe-Institut Rwanda is accepting applications for a workshop on live sound that takes place on 12 January in the capital Kigali

This will be conducted by German sound engineer and producer Martin Renius, who during a career of more than 20 years has managed live sound at over 1 000 concerts around the world.

The upskilling workshop is meant for upcoming sound professionals as well as those who are already involved in audio engineering and production.

Musicians, DJs and sound engineers who are looking to learn more about live sound in a professional environment, without the stress of an audience, are encouraged to apply.

The workshop will include sessions on:

  • Understanding the role and duties of a live sound engineer.
  • Pacing of a live show.
  • The installation and practical use of microphones, loudspeakers and mixers.
  • Understanding the signal flow of live sound, from source to speakers.
  • Understanding the physics of sound behaviour and acoustics.
  • Principles of safety and maintenance when handling sound equipment.

To be considered for the workshop, please submit:

  • A short profile.
  • A motivational letter not exceeding 200 words to assistant-kigali@goethe.de.
  • Selected participants will be notified through an email with further details about the workshop.

For more information on the live sound workshop, call +250 78 732 0346.

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