He is not a user: Anerlisa Muigai showers Ben Pol with praise

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has showered her Tanzanian lover Ben Pol with praise as a mature, stable man.

In a post on Instagram, the Nero Water CEO said that Ben Pol is not a ‘user’ and a man who tells it as is.

“First he is very humble, loving, God fearing, he is not a user, he is not afraid to tell me the truth and I have had the best and craziest time with him also he doesn’t distract me from my work,” she wrote.

Asked when the wedding between the two lovebirds will take place by a follower during a question and answer session on her page, she responded that, “Only God Knows.”

It is understandable.

Her march to the wedding aisle ran aground a year ago after the businesswoman called off her engagement.

She said her decision was partly due to social media pressure.

“It’s shouldn’t be anyone’s business who you are dating or who you’ve been hanging around with. One thing I learned is that it’s best to keep whoever you are seeing a secret and never show their face on social media. I decided to make that decision a while back after ending my engagement.”

“It’s sad to say this but most of the publicized relationships hardly last as there is so much pressure to keep up with all that mess. Keep the people you love a mystery and anyway there are so many people out there ready to spoil what you both have. Have a blessed Saturday full of positive vibes.”

“Woman crush goes to all the ladies who have managed to keep their men private it’s the wisest thing. Have a blessed and peaceful holiday/weekend,” read her post.

In an interview with Times FM, the Moyo Mashine hit maker poured his heart out on how he feels about Anerlisa.

“We are very tight and of course there is a lot of stuff we have planned together. Some of the stuff is private I cannot share. I will not lie to you, she is hot and I love her. She has conquered my heart.” said Ben Pol.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa were recently in the UAE.


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