Kisumu Top Pop Artist Kysh Releases New Music Video 'Hadithi'

Being talented is a blessing but being multi-talented is more of a blessing and being a genius at the same time as seen with Kysh Roberts.

The Kisumu Fashion Week CEO and founder is not only doing well in the fashion industry but has also taken a very appropriate position in the dance and music category of entertainment as one of the most sought after stage performers in the Western region of Kenya.

His latest single is a clear evidence that Swahili Pop can be just as sweet as the old and modernized type of pop we rarely get to watch on TV.

'Hadithi' as its titled simply translates to story and he is talking about a woman who we will get to find out about soon considering the song runs on a true life story content.

It was produced by Blakangel at Black Skippo Studios and video directed by Krushal.


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