Nicah the Queen Now Praises Dr Ofweneke As “Best Ex-Lover Ever”

Gospel musician Nicah the Queen is now singing the praises of her ex-partner, Dr Ofweneke, describing him as the best ex ever.

This is after the media personality flexed his fatherhood muscles by being there for their daughter, Debbie, as she started school on Tuesday, January 8.

According to Nicah the Queen, Dr Ofweneke wore his best suit for the big day. She described him as an awesome dad.

“You are an awesome dad @drofweneke You wore your best suit for our baby’s first day of school. God bless you for being there for our girls. cheers to the best Ex ever and baby daddy,” wrote Nicah on Instagram.
It was an emotional day for Dr Ofweneke too who opened a heartfelt post about Debbie’s first day at school.

“So today, I set up my alarm to wake me up at exactly 5:30 only for me to snooze it to 5:45 am😝😝😝😝 But one thing kept ringing in my head is how much this day is so important to me as a father and also to my daughters. Today was Debbie’s first day in school, I cant believe how first my angel has grown into a big girl now!!” said Ofweneke.

He continued: “Am so embarrassed that times have changed. During our days we the ones who used to cry on the first day when Mum or Dad leave us for home but today Debbie just walked away as if her mum and I dint mean anything to her and we were left there all emotional.”

Dr Ofweneke added: “Am mad at Debbie why couldn’t she cry 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Payback is on the way!! Then I dropped my Faith, my source of calmness and peace always silent hiding the diva in her. Watching both my daughters walk to class and waving bye is the most beiatiful thing I have seen!! NOW THIS IS GOD ALL OVER IT!!”

Dr Ofweneke and Nicah went separate ways in September 2016, just three months after the comedian had proposed to her, with Nicah accusing the entertainer of beating her up.
In recent times, however, the two appear to have buried the hatchet for the sake of their daughters.

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