President Uhuru hits out at MPs who say he has neglected Central Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday told off critics who say that he has neglected the central region.

He said development should not go to a particular part of the country because the Head of State comes from that region.

President Kenyatta said he wants to see the entire country developed.

According to him, he will not be cowed by criticism from those leaders.

“Mimi sio mtu wa kutishwa tishwa. Hao ambao wanatapatapa huko na siasa duni, wajue sisi maendeleo kupatikana sio lazima ati kiongozi atoke eneo fulani,” said Kenyatta.

Loosely translated: “I’m not a person who will be cowed easily. I want to tell those critics that development in a region will not be witnessed, just because a leader comes from a certain region.”

Kenyatta said he decided to work closely with Opposition chief Raila Odinga so that Kenya can grow in terms of development.

“What is the problem when we say that we want to work together so that Kenyans can get affordable housing,” posed Kenyatta.

He was speaking in Mombasa during the commissioning of the Sh460 million regeneration project of the Mama Ngina Water Front in Mombasa.

Kenyatta said he wants a country where every citizen is entitled to development regardless of where the leaders come from.

“We want a nation whereby all ethnic groups feel that Kenya is their country. For those who do not want to accept change should step aside and let us move forward. We need to be proud of our country,” said Kenyatta.

At the same time, President Kenyatta directed the National Land Commission and the Ministry of Lands to reclaim all grabbed land in Mombasa.

He gave the two institutions five months to ensure all the grabbed public property in the region is returned.

“NLC and the Lands Ministry should ensure by the time we return here to officially launch this project in June, they have rectified this problem,” said Kenyatta.

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