PS Kipsang says 26,000 Form 1 transfer requests have been approved

 Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang says 26,000 Form 1 transfer requests have been approved through the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

In a statement to newsrooms, Kipsang vowed that the ministry will not give in to pressure to change the online system.

“During the Form One selection exercise on December 3rd 2018, the ministry instructed school principals to receive details of candidates who may wish to join their schools as opposed to those they had been selected to. The principals were asked to upload the details of such requests onto the NEMIS system for validation and approval at the ministry headquarters.”

“The ministry wishes to thank all those principals who uploaded the details of the requests to NEMIS to facilitate the students’ transfer. Based on the cases in the NEMIS system, the ministry has successfully approved 26,000 requests for transfers, the PS explained.

He directed all principals who may have issued hard-copy letters to parents to regularise the process by uploading the students’ details onto the online system to fast track the process of validation and approval.

The Ministry of Education further assured parents and guardians that all genuine transfer cases will be considered before the end of the Form One reporting period.

All candidates who sat the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination in 2018 are expected to report to various national, extra county, county and sub-county schools countrywide between Monday and Friday.

The Education Ministry was Friday facing major challenges in secondary school placement only a day after it banned principals from admitting Form One students directly.

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed on Thursday warned that any student admitted to county, extra county or national schools directly by the principals will not access free secondary education funds.

The ministry has asked head teachers who have issued such letters to recall them.

She said on the reporting day, schools will admit students using their NEMIS accounts.

“Students without Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) numbers will be expected to be issued with the same as soon as possible and not later than one month. Since enrolment data is from the system, schools are informed that the process should not be circumvented at all.” 

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