Rapper DMX Has Officially Been Released from Prison

Update 01/25/2019:

According to a report, DMX has officially been released from prison.

Via The Blast, DMX’s attorney confirmed the release of the rapper from the FCI Gilmer facility in West Virginia. The rapper was reportedly in good spirits and is set to immediately go see his girlfriend along with his son Exodus. News of the rapper's release comes after it was initially reported that he was supposed to be released on January 27.

Source: The Blast

Original 01/24/2019:

Vulture confirmed that DMX will be released from prison tomorrow, January 25. DMX has been in prison since last January after a bail violation linked to his guilty plea of tax evasion in November 2017.

DMX's lawyer gave an update on his status, telling Vulture, "I spoke to him; he’s very happy. He’s looking forward to being home. He’s never been hotter than now — people have been seeking him out all over."

DMX was originally supposed to be released on January 27, which falls on a Sunday, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons has a policy to release inmates on the weekday before their release if it falls on a weekend. According to reports, DMX will be under supervised for three years.

Source: Vulture 

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