Rapper Nyashinski tops three of Boomplay Music's categories.

Boomplay Music has released its 2018 statistics for Kenya. The stats rank the top ten artists, songs, genres and albums that were streamed in the East African country last year.

According to the list, the Afropop genre, which rarely receives airplay on local radio and TV, reigned supreme, as Afrobeat, hip hop and bongo flava take the No 3, 4 and 7 spots respectively.

Looking at the Top Trending Artists, Kenyan rapper Nyashinski leads the pack. He and Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz notched up four and two tracks on the Top Trending Songs list respectively. Kenyan gospel artist Gloria Muliro comes in third.

In the gospel category, non-East African artists are Nigerian singers Sinach and Mercy Chinwo while the Top Albums list also features Americans Nicki Minaj and Don Moen in sixth and ninth respectively.

Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer Patoranking's releases alongside Diamond Platnumz and Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol prove that pan-African collaborations can open doors to new African markets. His songs 'Love You Die' and 'Melanin' rank in No 8 and 10 on the Top Trending Songs list.

In 2018, Boomplay recorded a total of 1.1 billion music streams from 134 000 user-generated playlists in Kenya. This constitutes a 70% increase compared to the previous year. The impressive figures are expected to rise, especially after the company licensed its catalogue to Universal Music Group in November. As of July, the company, which was launched in Nigeria in 2015, had registered 29 million users and 10 million app installations via Google Play.

Top Trending Artists 

  1. Nyashinski (Kenya)
  2. Harmonize (Tanzania)
  3. Aslay (Tanzania)
  4. Sauti Sol (Kenya)
  5. Khaligraph Jones (Kenya)
  6. Tekno (Nigeria)
  7. Rayvanny (Tanzania)
  8. Bahati (Kenya)
  9. Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania)
  10.  Nai Boi (Kenya)

Top Albums

  1. Testimony 1990 – Khaligraph Jones (Kenya)
  2. Mungu Mkuu – Evelyne Wannjiru (Kenya)
  3. The African Princes – Nandi (Tanzania)
  4. Life Is Eazy, Vol.2 – Lagos To London – Mr. Eazi (Ghana)
  5. By Special Request, Vol.2 – Don Moen (US)
  6. Queen – Nicki Minaj (US)
  7. Best Of Emmy Kosgei – Emmy Kosgei (Kenya)
  8. Nimefike – E-SIR (Kenya)
  9. Hymnbook – Don Moen (US)
  10. A Boy From Tandale – Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania)

Top Genres

  1. Afropop and Afro-fusion
  2. Christian and gospel
  3. Afrobeat
  4. Hip hop and rap
  5. Pop
  6. World
  7. Bongo flava
  8. Reggae
  9. R&B and soul
  10. Dancehall

Top Trending Songs

  1. 'Malaika' – Nyashinski (Kenya)
  2. 'Mungu Pekee' – Nyashinski (Kenya)
  3. 'Narudisha' – Gloria Muliro (Kenya)
  4. 'Happy Birthday' – Harmonize (Tanzania)
  5. 'Hayawani' – Nyashinski (Kenya)
  6. 'Natamba' – Aslay (Tanzania)
  7. 'Zilipendwa' – Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania)
  8. 'Love You Die' – Patoranking (Nigeria) and Diamond Plutnumz (Tanzania)
  9. 'Bebi Bebi' – Nyashinski (Kenya)
  10. 'Melanin' – Sauti Sol (Kenya) and Patoranking (Nigeria)

Top Gospel Artists

  1. Bahati (Kenya)
  2. Everlyne Wanjiru (Kenya)
  3. Sinach (Nigeria)
  4. Gloria Muliro (Kenya)
  5. Moji Shortbabaa (Kenya)
  6. Merchy Chinwo (Nigeria)
  7. DJ Mo (Kenya)
  8. Gurdian Angel (Kenya)
  9. Eko Dydda (Kenya)
  10. Mr. Seed (Kenya)

Top Gospel Songs

  1. 'Mungu Pekee' – Nyashinski (Kenya)
  2. 'Narudisha' – Gloria Muliro (Kenya)
  3. 'Vimada' – Moji Shortbabaa and Jabidii (Kenya)
  4. 'Ching Ching' – Bahati (Kenya)
  5. 'Mungu Mkuu' – Evelyne Wanjiru (Kenya)
  6. 'KDF' – Timeless Noel, Jabidii and Hype Ochi (Kenya)
  7. 'Lala Amka' – Bahati (Kenya)
  8. 'Mighty Man of War' – Jimmy D Psalmist (Kenya)
  9. 'Jigi Jigi' – Willy Paul (Kenya)
  10. 'Kanyaga Lami' – Timeless Noel and Jabidii (Kenya)

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