21 Savage on Deportation: "I'm Not Leaving Atlanta Without a Fight"

21 Savage has been speaking out after being arrested by ICE and placed in a detention center for nine days. Now, in a new interview with the New York Times, the rapper made it clear he isn’t going anywhere.

The rapper talked about being an undocumented immigrant and the process to gain citizenship, saying “It felt impossible. It got to the point where I just learned to live without it. ’Cause I still ain’t got it, I’m 26, and I’m rich. So, just learned to live without it."

He went on to say “My situation is important ’cause I represent poor black Americans and I represent poor immigrant Americans. You gotta think about all the millions of people that ain’t 21 Savage that’s in 21 Savage shoes.” Along with that, he said “I’m not leaving Atlanta without a fight. We gon’ fight all the way till the last day even if that mean I sit in jail for 10 years."
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