Daughter charged with calling her mother a prostitute

A 20-year-old woman was last Wednesday charged with creating disturbance and insulting her mother.

Caroline Njeri, according to court records, committed the offence against her elderly mother, Margaret Wangui, on January 20.

The two have been living together and the accused had on that day reportedly left home for a drinking spree, leaving behind her child in the care of her (Caroline’s) mother.

When Njeri, however, returned home around 11pm while drunk, the complainant is said to have interrogated her on why she took so long and went to overindulge in alcohol yet she had a breastfeeding child.

Police stated that Njeri was not happy and started insulting her mother, calling her an aging prostitute. She is said to have gone on and on, calling her mother names, including “an old dog” among other choice insults.

While derogatorily telling her mother that she was her “mboch (househelp)”, Njeri is reported to have told her she is young and still needed more time to hang out with friends not stay indoors nursing a baby, a job for aged women like Wangui.

The verbal fight is said to have gone on for long, attracting the attention of neighbours who called police to arrest Njeri for being out of control.

When arraigned, she denied insulting the mother. She was set free on Sh10, 000 cash bail and her trial begins on April 10.

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