Gabiro Mtu Necessary Hints New Music Video 'International Local' & It Looks Lit

So far one among the very many trending hashtags on Twitter is #InternationalLocal  that has been talked about my up to 100 Twitter influencers.

It is a desiquite tag having contained two words with a synonymous figure but yes it is all about a new music video by Kisumu based artist, Gabiro Mtu Necessary who is proving to be a force to reckon with in the competitive music industry.

Gabiro has a very highly notable online presence especially on Instagram and Twitter where he leads his Kisumu counterparts as the artist with most social media followers as far as statistics is concerned.

He recently released a new song 'Nitembezee' featuring Kidis The Jembe and the song got very rave reviews both locally and internationally making it among the few lyric videos to be played on major television networks like Trace Mziki and Soundcity TV with various other features on magazines and blogs worldwide.

International Local might just be among his projects that is set to blow up and create more history to his name if at all we are to go with what is portrayed on the behind the scene photos that he shared online.
On the song is reknown dancehall artist and music producer, Videz Hybrid who apparently is also the brain behind the collaboration Nitembezee. Videz is also proving to be the best beat maker from the region churning hits after hits with various artists among them Phieso.

Enjoy Nitembezee by Gabiro Mtu Necessary featuring Kidis below and consider subscribing to be notified when International Local is released.


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