Gqom artist Sho Madjozi releases a new short film titled 'Trickshot'

Gqom artist Sho Madjozi released a new short film titled Trickshot this week.

The film, which runs for about five-and-a half minutes, stars the South African musician and is accompanied by tracks from her Limpopo Champions League album. It centres around basketball, gqom and urban fashion and dance styles such as the popular gwara gwara.

The short was directed by Garth von Glehn and has been lauded for its cinematographic and CGI qualities.

In one particular scene the video uses vibrant animation effects as Sho Madjozi squares off with a male basketball player on the street court. Suffice it to say, the "gqom empress", as she is referred to by the narrator of the film, takes the cocky basketball athlete to the cleaners.

Watch the video below:
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