Singer Beryl Owano wants Jalang'o and Xtian Dela to give her a baby

Desperate moments catch up with desperate people and this time it just caught up with Touch Me Slowly singer; Beryl Owano who last night came out to openly say she desperately needs a baby.

Yes, just a baby and not a boyfriend coz apparently she is single and she wants it to stay that way but who would not want to be a sperm donor to such a beauty?!
She was however very certain on whom she wanted to father her baby and it is none other than Jalang'o, Joe Muchiri and Xtian Dela and so the game begins.

So if you know you look like Xtian Dela, Jalang'o, Joe Muchiri, Bahati or Redsan then stand up for this and be a public dead beat dad for free.

Beryl Owano is known for hit singles like Slowly, Mafisi and Utafilisika that are doing well on the local media stations.

Watch Slowly featuring Matonya below

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