Singers Flex Muziki, Stonee Jiwe & Havoc Combine Efforts To Release 'Hujawai'

No dully Tuesday after the release of this amazing and holy ghost filled song from Flex Muziki who has merged with rapper Stonee Jiwe and female dance hall artist Havoc.

Hujawahi is a Swahili word that translates to 'you've never' or 'you never can' and in this context it refers to a supreme being who has never let us be where we ought not to be ; God.

The instrumentals accommodate each of the artists' style of music with Havoc coming in harder than the rest in the last verse of the song. Very witty flow from Stonee Jiwe as usual and the lines identically makes sense to the general belief of any human, atheists excluded.

Song was produced by Johntez of Krucial Sounds and video directed by Didy in a simple white screen set up.


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