Winky D returns with heavenly love tune ‘MuGarden’

Zimdancehall artist Winky D’s star continues to shine despite spanners thrown his way. The ‘Musarova Bigiman’ hitmaker stirred controversy following the release of ‘Kasong Kejecha’, a song that is assumed to be criticising President Emmerson Mnangagwa's ZANU-PF government for the economic meltdown in the country.

What followed was criticism by fans thought to be ZANU-PF sympathisers. The singer was pelted with empty cans and beer bottles while performing in Kwekwe in central Zimbabwe late last year. This prompted him to cancel a number of shows and went on a sabbatical following threats on his life. He then surfaced at Oliver Mtukudzi's funeral in late January.

But despite a tumultuous couple of months, Winky D has done what he does best and released ‘MuGarden’ (In the Garden) on Valentine's Day. The video amassed about 40 000 views in less than a day, proving that lovers love love.

The video features little-known Zimbabwean singer Gemma Griffiths and chronicles the story of the Bible's first man and woman doing their thing in the Garden of Eden. The love story begins with Winky D (Adam) asking Griffiths (Eve) to live a life devoid of jealousy or lust. He implores her not to betray him like Eve who persuaded Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. The couple undoubtedly wants to dodge the fate of Adam and Eve.

‘MuGarden’ was released three days after Winky D's bitter rival Jah Prayzah dropped ‘Kunerima’. Debates about who is the better artist are already happening on social media, and although Jah Prayzah's video has almost 200 000 views following a rigorous marketing campaign, Winky D is winning the hearts of many with a tune that was meant as a surprise for Zimbabwe's sweethearts.

Naturally, the social media debates are along political lines, with Jah Prayzah being tagged a ZANU-PF supporter. His songs ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ and ‘Mdhara Achauya’ are usually played during ZANU-PF rallies and many people have concluded that the artist is showering praise on Mnangagwa. Jah Prayzah has repeatedly denied that he is affiliated to any political party, even though most Zimbabweans don't buy these claims.
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