320-Pound Woman Sentenced to Life for Sitting on and Smothering Young Girl

A 66-year-old Florida woman has been sentenced to life in prison after smothering a 9-year-old child with her 320-pound body frame as a form of punishment. Veronica Green Posey was found guilty of first-degree murder on Friday in the killing of her 9-year-old relative Dericka Lindsay. The young girl was repeatedly abused by Posey and her adoptive parents, Grace and James Smith.

According to court documents, Posey sat on the girl for more than five minutes which constricted oxygen. Posey says she didn't intend to kill the Dericka but was only trying to help the Smiths in disciplining her. For his role in the 9-year-old's death, James Smith was sentenced to 10 years in prison while his wife has yet to be sentenced due to be deemed incapable of facing trial due to mental instability. 

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