Denver Cop Caught on Camera Knocking Handcuffed Man Unconscious

An officer in Denver, CO is under fire after he was caught on camera assaulting a handcuffed suspect and spitting on him in the process. Cpl. Michael Oestmann was originally charged with misdemeanor assault but had that bumped down to a misdemeanor menacing charge if he follows court orders as part of the plea deal he agreed to.

The disturbing video is from April 2018, when Oestmann was working security at a local sports bar when a fight broke out involving the man handcuffed in the video, Kevin Watson. In the video, Watson can be seen spitting in the officer's direction before Oestmann pounced on him with a series of knees and punches.

"You will not spit on me again! Do you understand me?" Oestmann yells at Watson. "What was that about being a b***h? Who's unconscious now?"

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