Fast Rising Kenyan Rapper, Titan Mash releases new single 'Momento Mori'

The Kenyan music industry is overflowing with talent. The diversity of young and upcoming artists is putting our entertainment scene in the charts. Artists have a unique sense of identity that makes them stand out in a field characterized by cut throat competition. Long gone are the days when music was just a thing to pass time.

The diversity in the different acts has brought a spiced flavor that that Kenyan music lovers can identify with. However, behind all that glamour, fame and fortune is a lot of hard work that these artists put. Some artists toil and sweat trying to come up with ‘Good Music’ that never make it to the air waves.

Breaking through in the industry, having a voice and a platform to showcase your art is no mean achievement. Kenyan fast rising hip hop artist Titus Saitoti better known by his stage name as Titan Mash releases his latest single Momento Mori. Born and raised from a humble background in the streets of Lang’ata, Nairobi, Kenya.

His love for music kept him away from bad influence, discouragement and gave him hope for a better future for him and his family.

In 2019 he decided to take his music career to a whole new level as he unfolds his unique style and sound to the world. Being signed under Hotline Clique by Derrick Mulla Cartel Founder & CEO of Hotline Clique, he promises to deliver what is expected of him. 

The entertainment industry is full of cut throat competition. Artists try their level best to outsmart each other. It is not about what you do but how you do it. In a dynamic century such as this one we are living, individuals have to bring their very best to the table.

Titan Mash says that his unique selling point is being authentic. He is honest to himself and he does not compete or imitate what others are doing. He goes at his own pace and has never desired to be like someone else. He further adds: “I arm myself with genuineness. I have never tried to be like someone else because the moment you do that, you lose your identity as an artist and more so, as a person.”

Check out his latest project Momento Mori Mixed & Mastered by Wesly( Real Me Records)

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