J. Cole Addresses Cancel Culture, Supporting XXXTentacion and Tekashi

J. Cole recently sat down for an interview with XXL, and he addressed backlash for telling people to pray for Tekashi 6ix9ine and XXXTentacion before the rapper's untimely death. He explained that he understood why people couldn't get behind him on the statement, but J. Cole added that everyone has a backstory that leads to bad decisions they may make in life.

"I get it, there’s some people out there that do things that a person can’t fathom loving anybody that can do that. But nobody becomes that way overnight. Nobody is born that way. That sh*t is a product of unfortunate circumstances and mishaps in the person’s life, too many to count. Sh*t that they may not even remember that, in my opinion, causes someone to be as sick as they would be to be a f***ing murderer, to be dumb enough to just take a life."

J. Cole went on to speak about still loving and speaking to people in his life that have committed murder, and he explained how he understood how they became that person. He also explained how he would've confronted XXXTentacion about the abuse allegations he was facing before his death.

"Even if I [initially] knew what [XXXTentacion] did, I wouldn’t have cut him off, like, 'Hey, man, why are you putting your hands on women or why the f*** did you do these sick things to this girl?'

"I would’ve asked a series of questions that hopefully would’ve sparked something in his mind. It would’ve been towards the direction of healing. It wouldn’t have been in the direction of punishment, judgment, cancellation. Because he deserves healing. Especially the girl that he did all that s*** to—she absolutely needs healing. It’s like, I’m just going to discard you and throw you in the trash and forget about you? That’s what they doing in the prison system. That’s what we’re actually fighting to stop. We’re trying to fight the fact that prisons offer no rehabilitation and that people come out even worse off than they went in."

J. Cole also spoke about cancel culture, explaining, "I understand outrage. So I don’t know. If anything, it kind of makes me want to be even more empathetic to people that the world considers to be undesirable. Because we live in a world where everybody wants to be so quick to cancel somebody. But at the same time, people condemn the criminal justice system, which is entirely the cancellation system."

Source: XXL

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