Meet 7-year-old Ugandan rapper who has been ordered to stop singing

A 7-year-old Ugandan popularly known as Fresh Kid, will have to forget about his dreams of becoming a rapper, if the Government has its way.

The kid whose real name is Patrick Ssenyonjo has been ordered to stop singing because he is too young.

He has been ordered to focus on school instead. The orders come from the government citing the countrys labor laws

‘‘if the kid disobeys the law he will face juvenile prison”.

The countrys Youth Minister weighed in on the boys career revealing in an interview with BBC that

    ”child labour has been hard for authorities to stamp out farm capital, Children are regularly seen working on farms,small businesses and street vending.

 Ms Nakiwala expressed her concern that Fresh Kid, Missed school since he is busy working when other children of his age are studying.

But his manger defended the young star

     he goes to school,and he only perform Saturdays and Sundays and he has only two shows,one music video and three songs since the start of the year.

He also added that


     ‘he is not working and doesn’t get paid i discovered him in rural village miming some song”.

The star addresses critics in his latest song Banteka where he raps in a mix of Luganda and slang about people gossiping about him not going to school:

    “They underrate me because of my age, I hear what you are gossiping about: asking ‘will he study?”
    “Losers are weeping, calling out to their mothers, If you are afraid of me, get me cash. I’m the judge, I do not discriminate. Even if you are from the stone age, I will floor you.”

    People on Twitter and Facebook have been criticizing the politician for harming the prospects of the child.

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