Post Malone Calls out Yelawolf over Diss Record, Calls Him a Nerd

Earlier this week, Yelawolf took shots at all the white rappers for sport in his freestyle "Bloody Sunday," and it appears that Post Malone didn't appreciate his name being thrown in the fire. In a series of tweets posted last night (March 12), Malone calls out the Alabama rapper for using his name to help promote his upcoming album TM3, essentially describing the rap veteran as a clout chaser.

"Yelawolf is a nerd, and this tweet is the only support I will offer his album :)," Malone tweeted "also @Yelawolf please show me all your chill bill shit please! Last I heard you was talking about how you wanted your shit like mine, I have a couple lenders, don’t worry! hmu dad :)"

Then in a separate tweet, Malone screenshot a comment that Yelawolf left on a previous post, pointing out that he had previously only been complimentary towards his success. To conclude his thoughts, he wrote: "also lmk when your band is done with your dookie and wants to play some actual good music," which altogether likely gave the Yelawolf freestyle the publicity that he was looking for.

Source: XXLMag

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