SAA CEO Vuyani Jarana tells CNN about the importance of connectivity between China and Africa

Three years ago, China surpassed the United States as the biggest business travel market on the globe and now more of China’s business is being done in Africa.

South Africa’s national carrier, South African Airways, is one of two airlines with direct flights to and from Hong Kong. The airlines CEO Vuyani Jarana in an interview with CNN’s Business Traveller programme explained how seamless connectivity between China and Africa has allowed for growth on the continent and is a significant strategic route.

“We provide the most seamless connectivity for Chinese or Asia Pacific travellers, businessman or traveller, who wants to go to the rest of the continent. So, we see growth, we see more of Chinese businesses in the continent,” he said.

Commenting on trade relationship between China and South Africa Mr. Jarana added: “Asia Pacific is important for South African Airways. And if you look at the trade relationships which are growing significantly, between South Africa and China, and some of the Asia Pacific countries. Hong Kong is our gateway to Asia Pacific, so it's very strategic route for us.”

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