TWITTERVIEW: Gabiro Mtu Necessary Sharing Wisdom and Plans

Kisumu King of Hip-Hop won't  stop at nothing but greatness. Gabiro Mtu Necessary is widely known for his determiination to achieve world status with his music. Mdundo had a chat with the bubbly artist to get an update on what to expect as the year grows.

How would you describe your year 2019 in one word, so far?

You kicked off the year with this amazing jam ‘Nitembezee’ ft. Kidis. Tell us about it…
‘Nitembezee’ is a song that made my 2019 blessed coz it was my first ever song to be featured on Complex and HYPEBEAST. I am the second artist from Kenya after Octopizzo be have ever been featured on Complex.

Tell us about this new banger #InternationalLocal ft. Videz Hybrid. How did you two meet?
It's an international tune just like that, Videz and I met when I did ‘Dansolo’ with Teezeh and from there on we worked on ‘Nitembezee’ and now this.

How did your fans receive ‘International Local’ and is it your favorite song so far?
I still cannot tell because it is only a day old so maybe we give them time coz me and my fans got history.

Does Kenyan music pay?
Kenyan music does not pay, music pays but just like any other business everything in it takes time. Everything in life just takes time.

After being the Kisumu President for long, don't you think time is ripe you take over the whole of Kenya airwaves?
I am taking over Africa then platform is much bigger than the ones that turn me down here in Kenya.

4 top songs currently on your playlist?
Kus Kus by Gabiro (unreleased)
Life by Patoranking and Drey Beatz
Sina by Baraka Da Prince
Nobody Hafi Know by Kranium

You are a very hardworking young person, what would you advise a young musician trying to hustle his way around?
Nobody owes them anything so they have to work for everything that they want coz being talented is a luxury not a need.

What are you working on in the coming months? What should your fans expect?
Maybe an ‘International Local’ remix featuring a few local and international artists then we close the year with a new single and ‘Gabiro Unfolded’ that goes down every end of the year.

Thank you for joining us today. Your parting shot to your fans?
Yaba yaba yaba duu duu… LOL!

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