UoN warned students to keep off Club 36 after ‘OCS’ killing

The University of Nairobi is advising its students to keep off a popular food joint popularly referred to as Klabuu following the murder of a former student at the luncheonette Thursday evening.

The university said the joint was dangerous and should therefore be avoided by students.

“Please note, Club 36 is not University of Nairobi property. It is run by people who are not UoN staff or students.”

“Former students are not UoN students. Goons are not UoN students. Expelled students are not UoN students. Club 36 is a dangerous place, avoid. #RIPOCSRAGIRA,” Vice Chancellor Prof Peter Mbithi tweeted, and described Samuel Ragira nicknamed OCS as “a humble being was larger than.”

Several theories have been advanced on why Ragira was killed, with some linking it killing to a vicious war between a gang operating at the notorious joint.

Ragira had posted Thursday evening a brief message on social media indicating that some armed people were out to cause chaos at the club with the sole aim of grabbing the land.
In a previous post on Wednesday, Ragira had said an armed group was extorting traders at the food joint.

“It is unfortunate that Mungiki are terrorizing Klabu 36 traders with machetes and guns taking advantage of the situation. They are demanding Sh 10,000 from every trader to build a kibanda (kiosk).”

“Students are being harassed and others losing their phones. We want to know why the police can side with people terrorizing innocent Kenyans,” Ragira added saying police were slow to act on the matter.

Speaking to Capital FM News, Anthony Manyara, the Chairperson of the University of Nairobi Students Association claimed Ragira who unsuccessfully contested as Kilimani ward representative in the 2017 elections was shot by assassins donning police uniform.

But Kilimani Police chief Michael Muchiri has dismissed the claim, saying the matter is under investigation, and has warned against speculation.

Manyara asked the county government to cede the land occupied by Club 36 traders to the university so that the institution can assign business spaces to needy students to help them raise income to support their education.

Hundreds of University of Nairobi students at the main campus frequent Club 36 for meals due to cheaper food prices compared to food joints within the university premises.

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