Activists Call for Arrest of Getaway Driver in Nipsey Hussle Shooting

While Eric Holder, the man who is suspected of shooting Nipsey Hussle, has been arrested and held on $7 million bail, many are questioning why the female getaway driver in the situation hasn't been arrested or charged.

TMZ reported earlier this week that the unnamed driver spoke with police and told them that she was in the dark about the situation. She was able to walk free following the questioning, but TMZ says she could be arrested and charged in the future.

On Thursday (April 4), community activist Najee Ali called for the arrest of the female driver. A statement from Ali read, "Holder's female accomplice waited two days to turn herself in to police. That was two days too many. She only turned herself in after her picture was posted all over social media along with Holder's. Why did she wait so long? We believe she's lying through her teeth and needs to be held accountable and brought to justice with Holder for the cold-blooded murder of Nipsey Hussle."

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