Broke Kubamba radio shuts down

Urban Christian station Kubamba radio has closed shop after suffering financial constraints in running business for quite a while, Pulse can report.

According to inside sources, the station has been struggling financially, something that made it unstable with key employees getting laid off as others resigned due to the hard times.

When we called for clarification midweek, we were taken in circles and some former staff gave us robotic answers while others gave misleading information that the station was not closing.

Our calls sent a shock wave as they updated on WhatsApp: "Kubamba, since its inception relied heavily on donors and when they pulled it became hard for the business to run.”

Some of the former staff members told Pulse that they went for months without pay.

On Wednesday the station posted a message on Instagram saying they are leaving the 91.6 frequency and transitioning.

Sources close to the station have it that the frequency belongs to a Nairobi business magnate who recovered it as business between him and the investors wasn’t so rosy.

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