Burna Boy apologizes for kicking fan on stage

Nigerian Singer Burna Boy is on the spot for kicking a fan during a performance.

A video of the Gbona singer performing in Zambia over the weekend shows him repeatedly kicking the fan.

However, according to the singer, the fan in question was attempting to rob his, prompting his actions.


Burna further claimed that he had warned the fan around ten times not rob him before lashing out.

“I am sorry about how it looks but this person continous (sic) tried to rob me on stage.

“It was like the 10th attempt to do it after telling him several times to stop. This wasn’t a fan.

“Apologies for how it looks but it’s not the case at all. I appreciate all my fans,” wrote Burna.

A year ago, Burna attracted the ire of Kenyans on social media following a disappointing performance.

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This is after he showed up to perform in the wee hours of the morning, hitting the stage at 4am and delivered a weak performance that lasted less than an hour.

Regardless of what was going on here, nothing justifies Burna boy's irrational kicking of a fan. He could have handled it better. #Zambia must #muteBurna until he apologies #iStandwithZaambia #naija pic.twitter.com/rAr5bXlUuW

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