Busy Signal Premieres New Single “Got To Tell You”

Get on this track right now! The Turf President Busy Signal is back and reigning the summer with his party anthem 'Got To Tell You'.

This self produced single samples classic single ‘Wait De Man’ from Cutty Ranks. Available now on all platforms, ‘Got To Tell You’ is the set to be on Busy’s upcoming album “Parts of the Puzzle” coming Summer 2019. Busy brings the same as high energy on this track as his mega collaboration with Major Lazer collaboration 'Watch Out For This' in 2013.

Busy Signal has released four albums through Greensleeves and VP Records; his debut Step Out in 2006, Loaded in 2008, D.O.B. in 2010 and Reggae Music Again in 2012.

The new album Pieces of the Puzzle gets its title from the wide ranging styles of reggae and Dancehall influenced hits that Busy has recorded or appeared on including "Come Over" and "Night Shift." "Stay So," "One Way," and "Dolla Van" from the upcoming album, as well as "Jump" and "Watch Out For This (Bumaye)" by Major Lazer where he is the featured vocalist.

Stay tuned for the 'Got To Tell You' video coming soon!

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