CJ Maraga drawn into the mix of unresolved murder in Jonathan Moi's case

According to reports published in The Telegraph, 28-year-old Ward was gang raped before being murdered in cold blood.

The official account of her death according to Government Pathologist Dr Jason Kaviti was that the tourist had died from animal bites.

To account for the burns on her body in case of any doubt, he said that she could also have been struck by lightning.

More than 30 years later since the death and the reports, no one has however been convicted.

Miguna also warned Chief Justice David Maraga that he risks soiling his legacy by pouring praises on “murderers like Jonathan Moi.”

CJ @dkmaraga: If you would like Kenyans to remember you as the head of the Supreme Court which courageously nullified a fraudulent presidential election and leave behind a rudimentary legacy worth emulating by future generations, stop coddling murderers like Jonathan Moi. Miguna asserted

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