Diana Marua opens up on being raised up by a single father

Diana Marua has in a throwback photo opened up to her followers on being raised by a single father.

Marua narrated that she had to grow up quickly in order to take care of her sisters as she had no mother figure.

“Our childhood was tough one I wouldn't wish to go back to regardless. Being raised by a single tough dad, we lacked a mother figure all our life because of circumstances we couldn't change or control. We lived each day by grace and faith that whatever has a beginning must have an end.

“I took responsibility to be a 'mother' figure to my little sisters @glam_by_varl and @d_eimos. Circumstances forced me to mature up and see things differently when I was very young," wrote Marua.

She wrote that at times she questioned God as to why their life was like that but added that she is grateful at where she and her family has risen to.

“I used to cry myself to sleep questioning God why things had to be this way for us... Not all days were tough, we held on to the little rays of sunshine that came our way occasionally... However, looking back, God is Good, God is Faithful, and He made all things beautiful in His own time.

“I'm thankful I'm here for my children, giving them the life I never had and what's more beautiful is that I can encourage anyone going through a tough time out there, that it's just for a season... Every situation must come to an end. Never stop Praying, Trusting and Believing. He is a God of restoration,” she posted on Instagram.

On April 8, Marua poured her heart out in an emotional tribute to her late mother. She would have turned 50.

“Happy 50th Birthday Mama I don't have too many photos of us but the memories of you is what lingers on. It's been 10 Solid years without you...

“Life has given me its share of its own kind and every day I go through it with my head up and a smile that never fades. Your presence is always felt and I have no doubt in my mind that you are very proud of us @glam_by_varl and @d_eimos of what we've turned out to become. How I wish that you were around to see your grandchildren (Morgan, Remy, Blake, Blair, and Heaven), be physically in our lives and celebrate this big day with you.”

Diana Marua is engaged to gospel singer Bahati.

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