Dj Dlife Creates a Unique Podcast That Highlights Soca, Reggae, Latin And Afrobeat

World Renowned Dj Dlife Creates a Unique Podcast That Highlights Soca, Reggae, Latin And Afrobeat

World-renowned DJ DLIFE formally from Hot97, 107.5 WBLS & Sirius XM fame is proud to announce to the world a unique Podcast that he created that highlights Soca, Reggae, Latin and Afrobeat. This unique Podcast is the easiest way to listen to your favorite music. When DJ DLIFE incorporated the four genres of the Podcast (Soca, Reggae, Latin and Afrobeat) he started a movement, a whole new fan base. DJ DLIFE believed that tuning into your favorite music should be easy, fast, and fun. With Fusion Podcast, you can listen to your favorite music in its authenticity with just a few clicks in an intuitive web-based platform and stay in tune with the latest .

No Podcast or media outlet has this type of show format, which makes Fusion Podcast very unique. He ( DJ DLIFE ) also invites his celebrity artists friends in for interviews and to launch their new projects and his signature mixes are just an added extra bonus . Now, this could be all you need from the Fusion Podcast, but we didn’t stop there, you can also discover new music, even the general Fusion Podcast community will agree.

Dj Dlife has launched this Podcast to bring this same simplicity to Soca, Reggae, Latin & Afrobeat lovers as it is with other more established genres. The result of this Podcast is simple as it should be, an entertaining show that is true too the culture and sure too have you listening at anytime. Stay tuned as they are working on other ways to help people listen to their favorite music while expanding on too other platforms. It looks like 2019 will be an exciting year!

Please share your thoughts and suggestions on how to make the Fusion Podcast even more useful. We're here to help improve your listening experience.

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