"Don't mourn criminals," Miguna Miguna tears into Jonathan Moi for his alleged criminal past and murder

Don't mourn criminals who died without paying for their crimes like Jonathan Moi. We condemn them even in death-Miguna

Opposition activist and self-declared general Miguna Miguna has torn into Jonathan Moi’s past, alleging that he is a criminal who died without paying for his crimes and not the humble and generous gentleman as eulogized by various leaders.

While condolence messages from different leaders eulogized the deceased as a humble and generous man, Miguna sought to demystify the claims, branding him a criminal who died without paying for his crimes.

“Patriots don't mourn criminals who died without paying for their crimes like Jonathan Moi. We condemn them even in death. We condole with victims of crimes; not with the families of the criminals. “ Miguna wrote.

In aseries of messages posted on Twitter, the deported activist called on other patriots to be “harsh, uncompromising and unforgiving to murderers and thieves especially those who die unpunished like Jonathan Moi.”

Miguna alleged that Jonathan Moi murdered British tourist who disappeared in the Masai Mara in 1988.

“IRONCLAD evidence proves that Jonathan Moi MURDERED Julie Ward in 1988 at the Maasai Mara but instead of serving the rest of his life in jail, Uhuru Kenyatta and @Raila Odinga mourn Jonathan as "kind, generous and humble." Real patriots should sweep despots to the Indian Ocean.” Miguna wrote.

According to the deceased’s father John Ward, his daughter was raped before being murdered with the body dismembered and burnt.

He accused a son of an influential politician from the rift valley for the murder with a Swiss TV crew linking Jonathan with the murder.

Thereafter, Jonathan Moi made headlines locally with a sensational article published in a 2012 issue of the Nairobi Law Monthly alleging that Jonathan raped and murdered Julie Ward.

Jonathan refuted the claims stating that "I am totally shocked to hear this…I had no relationship with the said lady (Julie) and I even didn't know her. I never did such a thing and it has never crossed my mind to do it".

Owing to press freedom and democratic space in the 1980s and 1990s, the matter was discussed in hushed voices even as the deceased father embarked on a mission to establish the truth.

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