" I am always escorted by bodyguards because I was once robbed by a gunman," Dj Pierra Makena

Famous female DJ and TV host Pierra Makena has opened up about why she always has to be escorted by bodyguards or by her brother and manager to an event she is deejaying

Pierra narrated how she was confronted by a gunman while taking selfies after performance and had to run to save herself.

Speaking to Parents Magazine the mother of one explains that a man approached her and pointed a gun at her ordering her to follow him. However, she ran to the nearest bouncer.

“I pretended that I had not understood him and looked away. I knew that if I acknowledged him or tried to decode his signal he would do something dangerous. I quickly made my way to the club bouncer who was nearest to me and stuck by him until I was safe. That is the day I learnt the importance of having tight security,” she narrated.

Pierra Makena further said that deejaying is her passion and could not imagine herself not doing it.

“When I first started going to clubs to DJ my family members were not as open about it considering I’m from a Christian home. With time however, they realized my intentions were true and my passion was undeniable. I thank God they supported me and I appreciate them for that. "

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