Kenyan Rapper & Producer Visita Gives Out A Warning In New Song ‘Onyo’

Nixon Wesonga, popularly known as Visita is a Kenyan musician, rapper and producer who recently dropped a track dubbed ‘Onyo’

He says that his name Visita comes from the number 6, which he claims is his lucky number as he was born in June and won an award in 2006.

Before leaving grandpa records some time back in 2016, Visita was the label’s ‘second in command’ after CEO and founder Yusuf Noah aka Refigah.

He has worked with a couple of great Kenyan artistes including Kenrazy and Sosuun, who he worked with in the collabo dubbed Amani. Composed beats for Kamua Leo, Chapa (Fimbo ya Pili), Dumbala remix, Vile Kunaendaga, Chali Stingy… the list is endless.

Other songs he has done include Elewa Lewa, Mapepo, Asubuhi, Hivo Ndio Kunaendanga, Chali Stinji and many more

His latest track is a well-crafted song with his usual bouncy beats with playful and witty rhymes, and it is one amazing song.  Let’s just say that like most of Visita’s previous tracks, it is one club banger.

The new song Onyo was written by Visita himself.

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