Kenyans announce demonstration date for graft CS’s to be fired

The public annoyed by impunity has decided to take a mass action on the high level of corruption in Kenya.

Underway plans of a public demonstration to be staged in Nairobi has been announced.

The demo is to among other things compel the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to charge more than 10 Cabinet Secretaries implicated in corruption.

Concerned citizens of Kenya guided by article 1 of the constitution of Kenya on the Sovereignty of the people and Article 37 on the Right to Assemble, picket, demonstrate and present petitions shall assemble on Tuesday 30th April at Freedom corner for ‘THE PEOPLE’S MARCH’ as from 10.00am.

The citizens have also requested to be provided with security as the march is non-political and non-partisan.

The need to enact a law that public officers undergoing graft investigations must step aside has also been highlighted as a key issue.

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